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Questions... Xanax For Sale, "I have a theory of life," said [Ms.] Chumlig, "and it is straight out of gaming: There is always an angle. Order Xanax from United States pharmacy, You, each of you, buy cheap Xanax, Xanax without a prescription, have some special wild cards. Play with them, order Xanax online overnight delivery no prescription. Order Xanax no prescription, Find out what makes you different and better. Because it is there, what is Xanax, Doses Xanax work, if only you can find it. And once you do, you'll be able to contribute answers to others and others will be willing to contribute back to you, Xanax For Sale. In short, purchase Xanax, Effects of Xanax, synthetic serendipity doesn't just happen. By golly, Xanax from mexico, Buy cheap Xanax no rx, you must create it."
She hesitated, staring at invisible class notes, my Xanax experience, Xanax description, and her voice dropped down from oratory. "So much for the big picture, Xanax recreational. Kjøpe Xanax på nett, köpa Xanax online, Today, we're going to talk about morphing answerboard solutions, Xanax alternatives. Xanax For Sale, As usual, we're looking to ask the right questions." - Excerpt from Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge


Pop Quiz::

  1. Do general-purpose web-connected laptops enable student learning. Purchase Xanax for sale, Or, do such open-ended learning tools tend to distract from the learning experience, Xanax dosage. Xanax no prescription,  

  2. Will you grow to depend more on your daily technological tools, or less, where can i buy Xanax online. After Xanax,  

  3. If technology is limited in the classroom in an effort to minimize distractions, how will the way students learn and act in their personal life diverge from how they will learn and act in a limited-technology classroom, online buying Xanax hcl. Xanax images,  

  4. Does using the Internet to 'look up' the answer to a question constitute cheating. Is this always so, Xanax For Sale.

  5. Will you grow to seek more of your information from the Internet, Xanax pics, Buy Xanax online no prescription, or less.

  6. Is the ability to locate and verify information becoming more important than the ability to memorize and recite information, Xanax pictures. Xanax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Which ability contributes more to the advancement of contemporary society.

  7. Does living in a society 'rich' with technology, generic Xanax, Purchase Xanax online, require an education 'rich' with technology.

  8. In economic terms, Xanax brand name, Xanax no rx, what is the value of education to society. What is the value in social terms?

Extra Credit::

  1. If asked to cite support for your answers to the above questions, online Xanax without a prescription, Xanax forum, how would you do so.

  2. Would citations be helpful in evaluating your answers, Xanax street price. Where can i cheapest Xanax online,  

  3. If plagiarism was easy to detect and was not allowed and hyperlinked citations were required, could you 'cheat' on this quiz?


"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." - Albert Einstein

I originally wrote this for EduBlogger 2008 event, real brand Xanax online. Online buy Xanax without a prescription. Herbal Xanax. Order Xanax online c.o.d. Xanax maximum dosage.

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The Sun taken by SOHO Buy Ambien Without Prescription, Its important to continue to think of the underlying dynamics that occur in the event of a society, as being influenced by what should be thought of as forces. The thinking of these forces should be no different than that of the major four universal forces, Ambien natural. Ambien class, In fact, these social forces are derivative of the universal forces, ordering Ambien online. Ambien online cod, The social forces are thus reducible to the universal forces and the unification of these forces is the pursuit of information theory. While initially the focus of IT was for commercial communication purposes, where can i order Ambien without prescription, Buy generic Ambien, IT exhibited precise similarities to fundamental physical science models. Later IT models and physical models were found to be one in the same, Ambien duration. Ambien steet value, Since, the implications of IT have been linked to other human pursuits of fundamental science and deemed equal, Ambien schedule. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

Originally posted as a gDoc here: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dgc7m3xv_20f6ck5jd4. Ambien blogs. Buying Ambien online over the counter. Where to buy Ambien. Buy Ambien without a prescription. Ambien price. Ambien price, coupon. Ambien coupon. Ambien without prescription. Ambien from canadian pharmacy. Ambien for sale. Order Ambien from mexican pharmacy. Ambien cost. Purchase Ambien online no prescription. Ambien samples. Cheap Ambien. Ambien results. Ambien over the counter. Ambien dose. Ambien from canada. Ambien photos. Buy Ambien online cod. Is Ambien safe. Canada, mexico, india. Ambien dangers. Is Ambien addictive. Ambien trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Ambien without prescription. Ambien pharmacy. Ambien used for. Ambien long term.

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Mobile People TrackingA recent June 9th press release issued by Sense Networks Buy Xanax Without Prescription, highlights the increasing social focus on digitizing our physical spaces. Sense Networks patent-pending technology is billed as a "software platform that indexes the real world using mobile location data."

The depth of information that Sense Networks is able to acquire may be surprising to a large number of people not familiar with the ability of mobile operators to track the approximate location of a given mobile phone user, fast shipping Xanax. Buy no prescription Xanax online, In fact, this is exactly how the popular Apple iPhone is able to locate a user in the Google Maps iPhone application without requiring GPS hardware, order Xanax from United States pharmacy. Low dose Xanax, When including the higher resolution of location data provided by GPS-enabled phones, of which there are approximately 175 million worldwide, online buying Xanax, Australia, uk, us, usa, platforms such as Sense Networks recently announced product line can produce some highly detailed, if not dazzling animations, Xanax australia, uk, us, usa. Xanax reviews, To highlight this, one need not look further than the animations posted in the technology section of Sense Networks website, Xanax canada, mexico, india.

The first animation is a fluctuating red blob that appears be a much slimmer representation of the United States, Buy Xanax Without Prescription. Buy Xanax no prescription, As it turns out, that animation is indeed a sequence of nation-wide mobile location data being played back over time, where can i find Xanax online. Buy Xanax from mexico, There is no indication to the speed of the playback however it certainly clear it visualizes a very large data set. Regarding the source of the data, Xanax interactions, Discount Xanax, Sense Networks states it is collected from “network-connected positioning technologies such as GPS, WiFi and cell tower triangulation.” Making no allusions to the subject of the data, Xanax use, Taking Xanax, Sense Networks goes on to state, “millions of consumers and businesses use location-enabled devices for finding nearby services, Xanax wiki, Xanax overnight, locating friends & family, navigating, comprar en línea Xanax, comprar Xanax baratos, Xanax mg, asset- and pet-tracking, dispatching, Xanax treatment, Cheap Xanax no rx, sports, games, rx free Xanax, About Xanax, and hobbies.”

While the red blob animation is impressive the point is not entirely felt until one scrolls down the page and watches the second animation which details a night in San Francisco’s popular nightlife districts. In it tiny squares zip around the streets coming to rest for a bit only to zip off to another spot on the map, buy Xanax from canada. Buy Xanax Without Prescription, “Each color dot” states the webpage, “represents the presence of a particular nightlife tribe at a particular place and time.” It goes to define a “nightlife tribe” as “a type of people group who move around the city in a similar way, and visit similar places at similar times.” So while tracking individuals is possible there seems to be a lot of value in tracking group activity as well. Get Xanax, The aim of the animation is to assert vivid detail in support of this type of tracking for the application of suggesting hotspots to users that they may enjoy but not be familiar with. Specifically, where can i buy cheapest Xanax online, No prescription Xanax online, “rock clubs and hip-hop clubs each retain distinct tribal distributions. When a user is out at night, Xanax price, coupon, Buy Xanax from canada, Citysense learns their preferred tribe distribution from time spent in these places. When that user visits another city, Xanax use, Xanax description, they see hotspots recommended on the basis of this distribution and combined with overall activity information.”

Of all the possible applications of the data possessed by Sense Networks, Citysense probably rates higher in the superficial sense -- yet, comprar en línea Xanax, comprar Xanax baratos, Xanax schedule, it should not be missed that this is merely one application of the data feeds and was no doubt chosen more for its sex appeal than its intelligence. This data can not only be used to track individuals and groups as they party but as they go to the grocery store, no prescription Xanax online, Purchase Xanax online, doctor or when they pick their kids up from school. Clearly there are considerations to be made by consumers when choosing their mobile carrier, low dose Xanax, Purchase Xanax online no prescription, namely, how much control does the mobile carrier give to their customers to decide whether companies like Sense Networks get their data or not, australia, uk, us, usa. Xanax treatment, For now, it appears there is much gold in mapping the people on ‘them there hills’ [sic] and for companies like Sense Networks there is literally a windfall of data on all of us being made available for a price.

I originally wrote this for NowPublic.


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ChangNing ShanghaiIn the latest issue of Edge the well-known Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker questions the popular assertion that "China will be the next scientific and economic power." What prompted Pinker to question that assertion seems to be the recent rejection by the People's Republic of China (PRC) to publish the book: What Is Your Dangerous Idea?: Today's Leading Thinkers on the Unthinkable. Ambien For Sale, The book, based on an edited selection from The 2006 Edge Question, was published last year in the US (HarperCollins) and the UK (Free Press) as well as a number of foreign-language markets. The recent rejection came via the publisher that purchased the PRC Chinese language rights to the book, ordering Ambien online, Online buy Ambien without a prescription, stating that the book "can't be published in China because some content is not accordant to Chinese regulations, for example, purchase Ambien for sale, Buying Ambien online over the counter, some content about religious, soul." [sic]

Pinker, cheap Ambien no rx, Where can i buy cheapest Ambien online, who wrote the forward to the book, went on to not only question China's power grab but the claim that any nation can become a technological superpower (and thus economic superpower) when it can be categorized as anti-intellectual, buy Ambien without a prescription. Ambien dosage, "There is a profound issue lurking here," writes Pinker, Ambien over the counter. Buy Ambien without prescription, "Everyone says that China will be the next scientific and economic power. Is this compatible with their ongoing rejection of open debate and exploration of ideas, Ambien dangers. Is a technologically advanced society compatible with anti-intellectualism and suppression of debate, Ambien For Sale. What is Ambien, It's hard to see how China will ever compete with the West as a source of scientific and technological innovation if ideas cannot be discussed and evaluated."

Pinker goes on to state one possibility, "or will the Internet — which can never be completely censored — and a stream of PhDs returning from the West eventually pressure them to open up?" As ideal as this would seem to most free speech advocates, doses Ambien work, Buy no prescription Ambien online, it does not seem to be consistent with the observed direction of China.

Typically, effects of Ambien, Taking Ambien, many westerners that live and work in China do so in the capacity of an expert and are hardly challenged on free speech issues. It is only when a foreigner appears to be "corrupting" a sizable number of natives that the PRC will exert its control and send the foreigner packing with little hope of ever returning; however such instances in the last two decades are quite rare, Ambien pics. My Ambien experience, Instead, westerners are free to work and play which essentially amounts to a knowledge transfer from westerners to the locals, Ambien alternatives. Ambien For Sale, Once this knowledge transfer is wielded by a local it then comes under full regulation by the PRC. Ambien long term, A system such as this allows for societal roles and industry to be created under complete control with little "corruption" to the system itself. Such a system may not be a key innovator in the technology and science worlds but can however take and assimilate knowledge into powerhouse technology industries at a scale unique to countries like China and India, herbal Ambien. Buy Ambien from mexico, While Pinker's questions are valid their conclusions do not appear to be consistent with how China is growing both technologically and scientifically. As for the book, Ambien no prescription, Ambien class, the Chinese living in China will not be reading it any time soon.

I originally wrote this for NowPublic.

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Future Guerilla Ad Vending Gear Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription, Using GPS, internet, a mobile device and mini-projector street vendors can download and display motion advertising on urban surfaces based on their current location. Ads can contain QR-Codes (make your own) which could require the ad vendor to get passerbys to scan the code with their mobile phone and visit a special mobile web page (to perhaps capture information) before the vendor is credited, Lorazepam maximum dosage. Kjøpe Lorazepam på nett, köpa Lorazepam online, In this way vendors can earn money in a pay-per-scan model for ad-hoc urban media ads. To limit fraud, rx free Lorazepam, Lorazepam pharmacy, the mobile phone scan can link directly to a SMS message from the phone from which the service would reply to the phone with the URL. This way only unique mobile phone numbers are counted as a scan, order Lorazepam from mexican pharmacy. Lorazepam natural, Advertising can also be done in a 'street-team' deployment with these mini-ad projector setups.

Something I have been thinking about for while...its great to see the tech arriving. I present an ad-hoc business case here (think physical adsense) however I am much more interested in the possibilities for locative art & gaming (ARG!), where to buy Lorazepam. Buy Lorazepam no prescription. Lorazepam dose. Generic Lorazepam. Lorazepam used for. Lorazepam coupon. Canada, mexico, india. Lorazepam online cod. Buy cheap Lorazepam. Fast shipping Lorazepam. Lorazepam blogs. Get Lorazepam. Lorazepam cost. Is Lorazepam addictive. Lorazepam wiki. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Online Lorazepam without a prescription. Lorazepam from mexico. Lorazepam pictures. Lorazepam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Lorazepam duration. Lorazepam samples. Lorazepam australia, uk, us, usa. Order Lorazepam no prescription. Lorazepam interactions. Lorazepam from canada. Lorazepam street price. Lorazepam brand name. Lorazepam no rx. Lorazepam reviews. Buy cheap Lorazepam no rx. Purchase Lorazepam.

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GravityIf one assumes the Universe is indeed composed of information and that indeed the Universe is processing that information through physical means then the major forces as defined by the science of Physics can be explained by what is expressed as Information Technology Buy Modafinil Without Prescription, . Specifically society has come to create technologies that address matter and energy as discreet finite units of Information; aided by this Information Technology, Modafinil price, Real brand Modafinil online, society has achieved the ability to simulate the Universe at a level of resolution that only the theories of Quantum Mechanics (QM) can describe accurately. While QM describes a Universe that is inherently probabilistic and not completely knowable, cheap Modafinil, Order Modafinil from United States pharmacy, it highlights the very dynamical interactions of the Universe and addresses these interactions as finite operations. Further, Modafinil photos, Modafinil steet value, these operations are conducted on finite units of the Universe such that the entire system appears to be processing. The appearance of Universal processing is so similar to what society has termed processing, discount Modafinil, Online buying Modafinil, that it was eventually proven to be one in the same; earning the name Universal Computation.

This is an idea I have been occupied with for a few years now, where can i find Modafinil online. Online buying Modafinil hcl, I recently stated it in freenode-> #physics and received some initial interest in the idea. So I thought I might as well state it here with the hope of publicly expanding on it soon, Modafinil without prescription. Modafinil overnight. Modafinil canada, mexico, india. Order Modafinil online c.o.d. Order Modafinil online overnight delivery no prescription. Modafinil over the counter. Modafinil canada, mexico, india. Modafinil for sale. Modafinil no prescription. Modafinil recreational. Canada, mexico, india. Modafinil description. Modafinil pics. Buy no prescription Modafinil online. Buy cheap Modafinil. Is Modafinil safe. Modafinil brand name. Modafinil interactions. My Modafinil experience. No prescription Modafinil online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy Modafinil online cod. Taking Modafinil. Online buy Modafinil without a prescription. What is Modafinil. Buy Modafinil from canada. Discount Modafinil. Online Modafinil without a prescription. Fast shipping Modafinil. Modafinil street price.

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