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VLG: Viewing Large Scale Images and Text via Small Handheld Displays

Strattera For Sale, Imagine you are on the road viewing local maps in large format on a little screen such as the one in your mobile phone. Strattera coupon, Or perhaps your girlfriend has just messaged you 2 pictures of her trying on 2 different black dresses and instead of viewing pixelated resized images in which you cannot judge one from the other, you see full-sized images and you message back:

"baby they look great, low dose Strattera, Effects of Strattera, but I like the first one better."
This could be possible by extending the small display space into a virtual display space.

Small Handheld Device + Hand Tracking = Virtual Display
It would work like this:

Your device (in this case a mobile phone) receives an image and loads it into memory, Strattera price, coupon. Doses Strattera work, Using gyroscope input (for example) it tracks your hand movement and adjusts the image so that is appears to render in the same place regardless of how you move your hand (which is of course holding the device). So if after the image loaded, get Strattera, My Strattera experience, you moved your hand left or right the image would appear stationary and your display would continue to render the portion of the image you are currently over. Likewise, if you were to pull the screen towards or away from your face the image would appear to zoom in and out, Strattera For Sale.

To get a quick idea of how this would work:

  1. Grab a phone with an integrated camera
  2. Grab a piece of paper with some text on it, purchase Strattera online no prescription, Real brand Strattera online, or an image and place it on a table
  3. Switch your phone to camera mode
  4. View the paper or image through the screen
  5. Move your phone around (up/down/left/right/in/out)

Obviously, we still have issues with screen clarity and such --- but with companies like Clairvoyante these are short-term issues.

The great thing about this idea, Strattera pharmacy, Ordering Strattera online, is that it would be possible to hack a prototype fairly easily as there are very little technical issues standing in the way:

  • For tracking we could get one of these
  • Hardware/software dev kit for a mobile phone w/java capability
  • J2ME kit

Start wiring and writing!

The mobile phone HW dev. kit might prove the hardest to obtain (unless you have connections) --- but with some searching and smooth talking, Strattera treatment, Online buying Strattera hcl, I am sure it is quite possible to get your hands on one...or you may just have to really hack it :)

Anyway, this is an old idea I had and was reminded of it today, Strattera forum. Online Strattera without a prescription, The chance to proto such a device has thus far evaded me --- so I leave it to you, dear reader, Strattera steet value. Strattera cost,

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