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Tramadol For Sale, What (extended or) attached a FM receiver to a handheld PC/smart phone/in-car navigation system/... Buying Tramadol online over the counter, with a soft J2ME interface (for API to "listener") into the device's local browser.
the_listener can be built.


This part consists of an existing technology in use in many of today's vehicles and home media centers, buy Tramadol from mexico. Low dose Tramadol, Realize it or not --- but there is additional information being transmitted in FM broadcasts which allows your receiver to display textual information about the current radio channel.

the_space exists.


Leveraging an existing mobile communications network for an always-on connection to the internet with a decent amount of bandwidth is now a reality, order Tramadol from mexican pharmacy.
the_connection exists.


If we were to utilize (and expand upon) just the_space as a place to provide encoded states which could be intercepted and decoded by the_listener as requests for certain mediums via standard URI states...Then the device's local browser would become slave to the broadcast and would display extra information (ie, Tramadol For Sale. Where can i buy Tramadol online, pictures & video) on cue's embedded in the station's FM broadcast.

Effectively the_system would allow for listeners of standard FM broadcasts through existing (or upgraded) personal/mobile media devices to not only hear the broadcast but to also see and interact with the information presented by the broadcast, Tramadol cost. Where to buy Tramadol,

Get it?

Even as an off-shoot, the ability to generate radio listener demographics at a resolution previously unavailable to the radio broadcast industry is...quite...quite interesting, taking Tramadol. Tramadol steet value,


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