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F Zolpidem For Sale, inally having the mobile bandwidth to accomplish certain feats of connectedness, I have been thinking a lot about mobile media lately (then again, I am always thinking about mobile media). Purchase Zolpidem for sale, Mostly because I have been using my xv6600 to connect in many ways that were not feasible before EV-DO.Take for instance my ability to drive all through the Los Angeles and Orange County areas while listening to Soma FM or We Funk or Bassdrive, buying Zolpidem online over the counter. Buy no prescription Zolpidem online, These, as you might rightly guess, after Zolpidem, Herbal Zolpidem, are not standard radio channels -- no AM or FM here -- these are internet radio stations. Let me say it again, Zolpidem without a prescription, Zolpidem interactions, using standard off-the-shelf components I have internet radio streaming in my car. What does this mean, fast shipping Zolpidem. Well apart from the fact that I just made my radio dial nearly infinite, there are many implications for the radio industry at large, Zolpidem For Sale. Zolpidem steet value,

Not AM or FM, DM (Digital Modulation) is the future of radio

Imagine for a moment how traditional radio broadcasters know how many people are listening to their station at any given time, online Zolpidem without a prescription. Zolpidem dosage, Having a hard time. It's OK, Zolpidem price, Generic Zolpidem, because traditional radio broadcaster do not know how many people are listening to their broadcast at any given time. They can only guess, purchase Zolpidem online. Zolpidem For Sale, This is because a standard radio broadcast, by nature, does not require a mechanism for you to communicate with the broadcaster while listening to their station. My Zolpidem experience, Basically, you tune your radio to a frequency somewhere within the Electromagnetic Spectrum (in the AM or FM band ranges) until you come across a broadcast that sounds clear, taking Zolpidem. Zolpidem pics, Specifically, you find a carrier frequency "carrying" the audio you would like to hear (ie: those annoying talk radio people), Zolpidem treatment. Zolpidem photos, No where in this process is it required for you to communicate with the broadcaster. As a result, Zolpidem results, Zolpidem brand name, the broadcaster has no real idea of who is tuning in and when.

Broadcasters rely on companies like Arbitron to define "markets" (such as these market rankings) as well as any internal metrics they can gather (radio promotion call-ins, direct surveys...etc), Zolpidem For Sale. When a broadcaster occupies a market and captures a certain share of that market, order Zolpidem online c.o.d, Zolpidem schedule, they open themselves up to advertising -- after all how does a free service make money when nothing is free. Advertising of course, buy generic Zolpidem. Zolpidem dose, Advertisers pay for radio reach, which for radio, Zolpidem without prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, the reach is a best guess based on the share a broadcaster has in a given market.

Wait, Zolpidem description, Zolpidem from mexico, how does Arbitron define a radio stations reach. Zolpidem For Sale, Arbitron, obtains its market data by asking a small group of people to keep diaries of when they tune in and to what. Diaries?, buy Zolpidem no prescription. Zolpidem street price, Yes, diaries, canada, mexico, india. Zolpidem cost, OK to be fair Arbitron does not just use diaries; they are currently engaged in pushing the next big thing in radio listener metrics: The Portable People Meter. The Portable People Meter or PPM will be responsible for increasing ad spend, where to buy Zolpidem, Zolpidem no rx, so says a Forrester Consulting impact study on the PPM:

"We estimate that deploying PPM in the top 50 markets would drive spending increases of $150 million more per year. Our estimate of the net difference in spending with PPM vs, Zolpidem For Sale. diaries is $696 million when PPM is fully deployed."

...those are significant numbers, Zolpidem dangers, but what is and how does the PPM work.

The Portable People Meter works via a novel principle; at the broadcast level an inaudible unique content ID is inserted into all content broadcasted. This inaudible ID is then "heard" not by people but by the PPM. So throughout the day a person listens to and watches all types of media, a PPM participant carries a device (a meter) on their person that listens for the unique IDs, once it hears one, it logs it. Zolpidem For Sale, At the end of the day, the PPM carrier plugs their meter into a base-station, the base-station downloads all of the IDs for the day from the meter and then uploads all of the IDs to a central repository controlled by Arbitron. Further, should a user listen to a recorded media (ie from a DVR) the inaudible ID should have been recorded along with the media and should still be heard by the PPM -- because of this capability, PPM is labeled "future-proof" by Arbitron.

Contrast PPM with a person keeping a diary and you can see why advertisers and advertising agencies are willing to spend more for PPM and less for diaries. Yet, doesn't the PPM require people to carry around these listening devices and then upload their stats at the end of the day. This hardly sounds "future-proof" at all...

Now imagine how an internet radio broadcaster determines its reach...log files, Zolpidem For Sale. Enough said.

Take the capability of the internet radio broadcaster to determine its exact reach into specific regions with the unparalleled availability (a broadcast from some guy's basement in Germany can be heard equally well around the globe) and the shear volume of category specific broadcasts and you have a recipe for increased ad spend well spent.

There is no question about it, DM is the future of radio

It is true that when "tuning" into internet radio, you are essentially setting your dial to a near-infinite number of broadcasts, yet internet radio has a few miles to cross -- mainly in the area of access and quality. Fortunately, the issues that plague internet radio are the very same issues that plague the wireless industry at-large. Therefore, expect to see internet radio on par with FM or better within the next couple of years (much sooner for you early adopters). Zolpidem For Sale, Until then, internet radio is not the only DM broadcast method...there is of course Satellite Radio and HD Radio (High Definition Radio):

  • Satellite Radio

  • Satellite radio is an idea over a decade in the making. In 1992, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocated a spectrum in the "S" band (2.3 GHz) for nationwide broadcasting of satellite-based Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS). Only four companies applied for a license to broadcast over that band. The FCC gave licenses to two of these companies in 1997. CD Radio (now Sirius Satellite Radio) and American Mobile Radio (now XM Satellite Radio) paid more than $80 million each to use space in the S-band for digital satellite transmission

  • HD Radio

  • Stations bundle analog and digital audio signals (with textual data, such as artist and song information, weather and traffic, and more)

  • The digital signal layer is compressed using iBiquity's HDC compression technology

  • The combined analog and digital signals are transmitted

  • The most common form of interference, multipath distortion, occurs when part of a signal bounces off an object and arrives at the receiver at a different time than the main signal, Zolpidem For Sale. HD Radio receivers are designed to sort through the reflected signals and reduce static, hiss, pops and fades

  • The signal will be compatible with HD Radio receivers and analog radios

I personally think these two technologies are great in their own right; Satellite Radio is available now and has great quality and HD Radio bundles rich media along with great quality. However, both of these support the inefficient use of our Electromagnetic Spectrum and are only incremental improvements to the radio experience. With increased mobile bandwidth, mobile internet radio will improve far beyond SR and HDR in terms of both quality and functionality -- this is a no-brainer.Truly, DM in the form of internet radio is the future of radio but by then the mobile experience will be so rich that internet radio streaming in your car or from your hip will seem about as cool as it is now from your desktop. Yet let us not forget the power of enabling anyone to listen to anything from anywhere at anytime -- no other radio technology has provided this type of social connectedness...until now.


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  1. Gabriel Kent 03.26.07 / 3am

    On Tue Dec 27, 11:13:00 PM Ajeet said…

    Hi gabriel ,
    my name is AJeet and I am from Bangalore India .
    I totally agree withyour view on Satelite Radio services. Since I my self am a subscriber of one such network available in India since a year named “WorldSpace” . It gives Digital sound sufficient for 2.1 channel optimum performance. Also host of channel (40 aor more) to choose from . Grt quality (I am not advrtising company I am but praising Technology)
    According to my view this has such immense potential to swipe out all analog radio channe in one go.
    1. Cheap end devices :
    In India they cost abt 40$
    2. Grt RRevenue models
    Provider can charge for
    decryption key unique to the
    device either for all or for a
    partucular group of channel
    3. Cheap 4 broadcasting. :
    If u remove $ 80 million
    componant it works out
    cheaper than any Large Mass
    Comunication conduit.

    This technology holds lot promises. In the future if they can manage to demultiplex a video signal on multiple carrier and if end device can multiplex it back they can EVEN STREAM DIGITAL Video with the convience of radio mobility.


  2. Future Progress » Blog Archive » RE: The Ultimate iDrive 03.26.07 / 3pm

    [...] eventual demise of Satellite radio and HD radio, DM is the future (for my thoughts on this, see: The Future of Radio is DM not AM/FM). IP is the way to go and wireless data nets will only increase in bandwidth and [...]

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