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Someone @ Sony thought it would be a good idea to (silently & secretly) install a rootkit on your computer when you insert a Sony BMG music CD:
"Although Sony said it has been using the First4Internet-developed digital rights management (DRM) Halazepam For Sale, software on selected CDs for several months, it was only this week that researchers discovered the technology relied on a rootkit to hide files."
(Information Week)
And then...
"Wednesday, Sony put a patch on its Web site that "removes the cloaking technology component on SONY BMG content protected CDs," according to a statement on the site. Halazepam brand name, The patch can be downloaded and installed while online, or a 3.6MB file can be retrieved for later installation." (Information Week)
OK, buying Halazepam online over the counter, Buy Halazepam no prescription, but...
"World of Warcraft hackers have confirmed that the hiding capabilities of Sony BMG's content protection software can make tools made for cheating in the online world impossible to detect. The software--deemed a "rootkit" by many security experts--is shipped with tens of thousands of the record company's music titles." (Security Focus)
Wow (no pun intended)...are you suprised yet, Halazepam price, coupon. Halazepam maximum dosage, I am not. However, order Halazepam from mexican pharmacy, Halazepam images, what I am suprised about is the fact that a game cheat was first to make the headlines as taking advantage of the Sony rootkit.

Imagine using the Sony rootkit to cheat you out of your banking/investment/email/keystroke information.

How. Well, the business end of the virus/trojan/worm/thing would still need to be written by someone else, or a variant of an existing strain used, however you would use the Sony BMG technology to hide your "bad" processes once you infected the machine---thus making it near impossible to detect (which is the prime objective of the Sony BMG rootkit: hide processes).

To think this rootkit installs itself from a music CD...tens of thousands of titles, not copies, but titles, Halazepam For Sale. Every copy of one of those titles sold, Halazepam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Purchase Halazepam for sale, since a few months ago, contains the exploit.

I ask: For the average Sony BMG consumer, Halazepam dangers, Purchase Halazepam online no prescription, who uses their computer to listen to their Sony BMG CDs, how many of them would be likely to conduct sensitive financial or personal matters online, buy Halazepam without a prescription. Halazepam treatment, hmmm...

This whole DRM thing is starting to remind me of the nuclear arms race...imagine how many boxes are infected with this rootkit...does this rootkit come with a self-destruct. Someway to be updated, Halazepam no prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, No and no --- Sony is offering the patch on their website. They force feed you the poison and assume you will find the antidote before it is too late -- that is, ordering Halazepam online, Halazepam without prescription, if you even know you are poisoned in the first place.

In Sony's race to protect their content rights, they have created a more perfect platform for dark hats...and eventually the script kiddies (I hear them coming...click*click).

At which point in the--listening to some music on a computer process-- does a user agree to have a rootkit installed on their machine, Halazepam forum. Halazepam recreational, That is like selling a car to someone with a remote kill switch on it (say, in case they don't pay their car payment) but not telling them that their car has such a "feature" --- then later some clever folks figure out that you can trigger the kill switch using $15 in radio hack parts...next thing you know you are hearing about massive pile-ups on the freeway because 15 cars were simultaneously killed...using said feature...but wait, kjøpe Halazepam på nett, köpa Halazepam online, Australia, uk, us, usa, there was a patch for that at the dealership--why didn't you patch it?!?. Because you did not know...

With your CDs now working against you, purchase Halazepam, Halazepam australia, uk, us, usa, game cheats are child's play...look for a Sony BMG 'dirty bomb' coming to a computer near you...

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