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The Investors: Alertec For Sale, Jonathan Fram, managing partner, and Howard Schultz, co-founder, Maveron
What they've backed: Cranium, Eos Airlines, GameLogic
What they want now: A driver's tech fantasy fully realized: an in-dash computer with a keyboard built into the steering wheel and a full-screen heads-up display projected on the windshield.
What they'll invest: $5 million for a deeply qualified 20-person team to deliver a prototype and a plan for pitching a commercial version to automakers within three years

Send your pitch to:, where can i order Alertec without prescription. Purchase Alertec for sale, -- S.H. (via CNNMoney)

Jonathan, Alertec treatment, Alertec recreational,

I have been seriously investigating this precise product for about 5 years now and this is how I see it structured::
  • CarOS, a real-time linux distro designed specifically as a car operating system
    • dev:: mostly facilitating a web browser (firefox) and existing linux drivers (ie: gps, effects of Alertec, Alertec class, wireless keyboards, etc) and last but far from least a slick heads-up display, buy generic Alertec, Buy no prescription Alertec online, friendly/skinable/customizable for all installed and configured services
  • CarOS Distro Site, the community space where dev/commerce/social comm./etc occurs
    • dev:: web 2.0-like ifaces, order Alertec from mexican pharmacy, Order Alertec from United States pharmacy, you know the drill
  • Professional Services and certification/OEM/Automaker Division, where the fruits of the Distro community are picked, rx free Alertec, Buy Alertec from mexico, tested and packaged for integration
Simply put, centering around a RT Linux distro as CarOS brings inherent community possibility and in a Costco-esque way, online buy Alertec without a prescription, Online buying Alertec hcl, provides real estate for third-party equipment manufactures to sell their CarOS-compliant wares ('ready to drive" or some such certified label) to the CarOS community and general users.

In addition, I would recommend a strategy whereby community participants receive equipment vouchers/sponsorships etc to inspire real dev in something that is already too James Bond to pass up...

This is very doable w/a smallish team (gradient 10 -> 20) -- I would expect significant movement within a year -- the real x-factor with all of this would be the projected display -- I have followed the various projects (in academia and out) and know there are usable tech, Alertec reviews, Buying Alertec online over the counter, however I know integration in this area, though doable, cheap Alertec no rx, Alertec online cod, will be tricky. Though early gen versions do not need projected displays and will comply with din standards.

Always-on internet comm, Alertec without a prescription. Alertec use, in most major metropolitan areas will be easy with existing (EVDO/EDGE) and emerging technologies (I imagine a commercial where a user jacks their phone into their car when they get in for data comm). An added plus in this department is the eventual demise of Satellite radio and HD radio, taking Alertec, Alertec forum, DM is the future (for my thoughts on this, see: The Future of Radio is DM not AM/FM), where to buy Alertec. Alertec canada, mexico, india, IP is the way to go and wireless data nets will only increase in bandwidth and coverage.

Additionally, as a community platform I see addition points in which this can easily grow into a media platform -- think Radio++ images, buy Alertec online cod, Get Alertec, text, video delivered in synch with traditional AM/FM broadcasts as well as internet/pod casts --

On the road social capability is immense, Alertec used for, Buy cheap Alertec, there are many interesting protocols with sufficient bandwidth and secure handshake times to make possible ad-hoc CarNets (share data like safety info, song playlists, buy Alertec no prescription, Alertec mg, dating profiles, etc), Alertec interactions, Alertec gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, static broadcast advertising nodes in urban areas, this also opens up government contracts in the areas of traffic flow modeling and others -- also interesting are what the social mapping groups will be making:: think about groups real-time geo-tagging police car movements/speed traps/cameras/etc-- that is headline grabbing stuff.

The beauty is not that this is such an elegant platform that all of these things can evolve upon it; its that they can and will -- these things will tend to evolve within the community anyway, Alertec trusted pharmacy reviews. What is Alertec, It is just a question of focus and strategy for the money engine within this community.

To recap, I see money initially in two main places via this structure::
  1. Community real estate for third-party equipment manufactures to sell their CarOS-compliant wares and services
  2. Professional Services and certification, order Alertec online c.o.d, Buy cheap Alertec, OEM, Automakers divisions
Though I caution, online buying Alertec hcl, Alertec schedule, the projected display portion will be tricky, however with your weight paving the way for rapid dev, Alertec over the counter, Alertec results, the 3-year time frame is doable.

If you squint just right, one almost thinks this looks like the next desktop market.


Gabriel Kent

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