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Censorship Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, I have been living in Shanghai for about 3 months now and have experienced first hand how frustrating a censored internet experience can be. The result of this frustration has grown to become a malady I call information atrophy.

For my information atrophy, Buy Phentermine without prescription, I take regular doses of proxies and plug-ins however the side-effects of these generally include irritable latency and an increased risk of a knock on the door by the Chinese cyber-patrol.

The cause of my information atrophy is indeed environmental and can be directly attributed to the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Their internet policies are to blame and what follows is some musings/insight/observations into this widely reported phenomenon.

I will draw heavily from a report last month released by Reporters with Borders, entitled "Journey to the heart of Internet censorship." [mirrored here]

The Reasons for the Censorship

The PRC will tell you they are seeking to protect their people from harmful content such as pornography but the truth is they are blocking much more than porno, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. Really, Phentermine from canada, the vast majority of their 200 billion RMB ($27 billion USD) budget is spent on finite filtering of contents that have nothing to do with the erotic and everything to do with news and general information about the state of China and the rest of the world.

Who Does the Censoring?

  • The Internet Propaganda Administrative Bureau and the Centre for the Study of Public Opinion

    • Under the Information Office of the State Council (the executive)

  • The Internet Bureau and Bureau of Information and Public Opinion

    • Under the CPC’s Publicity Department (former Propaganda Department)

  • The Ministry of Information Industry (MII)

  • The Ministry of Public Security’s Computer Monitoring and Supervision Bureau

  • The MII’s Centre for the Registration of Illegal and Unsuitable Internet Content

What Kind of Censorship?

It is well known that the PRC blocks whole websites (more on that in a later section), Phentermine online cod, yet what is a bit more revealing (appalling) is how the government controls Chinese internet media.

Methods of Control

  • Ideological Control

    • "The Information Office of the State Council organizes courses in order to exercise ideological control over its employees and to encourage better censorship and self-censorship practices"

    • "The Beijing Information Office has also established a training service in cooperation with the faculty of journalism of the Beijing People’s University"

    • "The executives and editors of online companies are subjected to another kind of ideological trip[s] to 'the place where communism was born'...companies that have been invited: Sohu, Sina, Netease, generic Phentermine, TOM, Zhonghua, Cheap Phentermine no rx, Baidu, Beiqing, Zhongguo Sousuo, Xilu, cheap Phentermine, Xici, Yahoo!, Buy Phentermine no prescription, Hexun, Daqi, Qihu, Bokee, where can i buy cheapest Phentermine online, Soufang, Qianxiang Hudong and Kongzhong"

  • Communication Between Supervisory Bodies and Commercial Websites

    • "Various forms of communication have been established between the leading commercial websites and the supervisory bodies – phone, Ordering Phentermine online, email, SMS text messages, MSN, QQ and RTX (Real Time eXchange) instant messaging, Phentermine dangers, web platforms and a weekly meeting."

    • "Internet Information Administrative Bureau uses these different means of communication to instruct sites to not publish an article, to not cover an event or issue, Phentermine without prescription, or to put a stop to certain comments. The employees of these privately-owned sites are expected to liaise with the bureau and respond to its orders as quickly as possible."

    • "...employees of the 19 leading Beijing-based websites attend a meeting at the Internet Information Administrative Bureau every Friday morning from 9 to 11, at which all the subjects that most interested Internet users that week are evaluated and bureau members criticise some sites. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, Then the bureau members announce the subjects to be covered in the coming week, the articles to be written under their supervision, and the articles to be eliminated."

  • Compliance System

    • "The Beijing Information Office has introduced a new system of 'license points' for websites. As well as being fined, order Phentermine from United States pharmacy, sites can have points withdrawn. If they loose all their points, Low dose Phentermine, they risk [getting] their license withdrawn....they have the possibility of recovering lost points and are
      encouraged to do so.

    • "[The bureau] divided orders into three categories – a first category order that must be implemented within five minutes, a second category order that
      must be executed within 10 minutes and a third category order that must be executed within 30 minutes.

  • Penalties for Non-compliance

    • "...websites had just received this message: 'Ban on using any other source than Xinhua [the official news agency] on the death of Huang Ju.' Despite the instruction, some sites such as Sohu and Bokee did post reports from other sources and were fined 20,000 RMB (1, Phentermine schedule,900 euros) and 10,000 RMB (960 euros) respectively"

    • "The Culture and Debate sections of the website Netease [posted a poll], Phentermine use, asking visitors if they would want to be Chinese again...Of the 10,000 people who participated, 64 per cent said they would not want to be Chinese...Netease had to fire Culture section editor Tang Yan and Debate section editor Liu Xianghui. And the Debate section was closed down."

    • "on 25 July 2006, Phentermine price, coupon, the Finance section of the portal Sina change the headline of a Diyi Caijing Ribao (China Business News) article from 'The provinces of Guangdong, Shandong and Jiangsu have the biggest GNPs in China in the first half of 2006' to 'Shandong boasts GNP of more than 1 billion yuan, Phentermine mg, entire country disclaims.' For changing the headline, Sina was accused
      by Beijing Information Office director Cai Fuzhao of 'inciting violence' and was banned from interviewing leading Chinese figures for a month.

Blatant Media Bans and Propaganda

"The Chinese authorities send orders of three kinds – bans issued before publication of a report, bans issued after publication of a report and propaganda instructions.

In May and June 2006, for example, Phentermine overnight, a total of 74 directives (48 prior bans, 4 post-publication bans and 22 propaganda directives) were sent to commercial websites registered in the capital by the Beijing Internet Information Administrative Bureau."

  • Examples of Bans Issued Before Publication of a Report

    • 22 May 2006, Phentermine no rx, 14:47 From: Chen Hua, deputy director of the Beijing Internet Information Administrative Bureau: "You are asked not to cover the matter of the real estate auction of public land at Dadun Beidingcun, in the Chaoyang district of Beijing."

    • 3 June 2006, 22:00 From: Chen Hua, kjøpe Phentermine på nett, köpa Phentermine online, deputy director of the Beijing Internet Information Administrative Bureau: "Please continue to seek and remove any content referring to the 17th Congress of the CPC or to 4 June [the date of the Tiananmen massacre]."

    • 28 June 2006, 18:40 From: Chen Hua, Where can i find Phentermine online, deputy director of the Beijing Internet Information Administrative Bureau: "Regarding the issue of unequal income distribution, please use articles from the Central Committee’s main information mouthpieces and nothing else. Please do not spread rumours about this matter or conduct online polls. Please reinforce monitoring of comments, discussion forums and blogs..."

  • Examples of Bans Issued After Publication of a Report

    • 30 May 2006, 18:56 From: Beijing Internet Information Administrative Bureau: "Dear colleagues, regarding the death of a radio presenter while she was at the deputy mayor’s home, do not disseminate any reports, do not send any new articles, withdraw those that have already been posted on the site, and ensure that forums, blogs and messages no longer refer to this case, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. Please reply."

    • 17 June 2006, Phentermine without a prescription, 18:35 From: Chen Hua, deputy director of the Beijing Internet Information Administrative Bureau: "Dear colleagues, Phentermine duration, the Internet has of late been full of articles and messages about the death of a Shenzhen engineer, Hu Xinyu, as a result of overwork. All sites must stop posting articles on this subject, Phentermine photos, those that have already been posted about it must be removed from the site and, finally, Phentermine pictures, forums and blogs must withdraw all articles and messages about this case."

More on Blocked Sites

Since I do not consume Chinese media, the above does not have much of an affect on me, however my atrophy is a result of the outright blocking of sites the PRC does not control--which is a large portion of my regular news outlets. When visiting a blocked site in China, order Phentermine from mexican pharmacy, it is difficult at first to know that the site has indeed been blocked. There is no red page with yellow stars stating 'blocked' or http response code (such as a 403 Forbidden) to indicate the content is something the PRC does not want you to see. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, Instead, users are presented with time out errors or sometimes a connection reset error. Real brand Phentermine online, Since these errors are typical when censorship is not at play it becomes frustrating to have to differentiate from blocked content and a common server/communication error. To be fair, the annoyance with this is small but overtime with extensive internet use it does tend to take its toll.

The difficulty in determining a blocked site from an typical error is highlighted in a Harvard Law report, purchase Phentermine for sale, entitled "Empirical Analysis of Internet Filtering in China":

"Having requested some 204,012 distinct web sites, About Phentermine, we found more than 50,000 to be inaccessible from at least one point in China on at least one occasion. Adopting a more conservative standard for determining which inaccessible sites were intentionally blocked and which were unreachable solely due to temporary glitches, we find that 18, purchase Phentermine,931 sites were inaccessible from at least two distinct proxy servers within China on at least two distinct days. We conclude that China does indeed block a range of web content beyond that which is sexually explicit, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. For example, Phentermine samples, we found blocking of thousands of sites offering information about news, health, education, and entertainment, Phentermine dose, as well as some 3,284 sites from Taiwan. Phentermine treatment, A look at the list beyond sexually explicit content yields insight into the particular areas the Chinese government appears to find most sensitive."

Keeping in mind that that report was from 2002, here is a list of notable sites they found to be inaccessible.

Daily Net Frustration

There are many methods to circumvent the sites the Great Firewall of China blocks and this leads many to wonder where the problem lies if the sites remain ultimately accessible through alternative means. Yet, effects of Phentermine, as having lived daily life behind the wall I can personally say the frustration builds, in a way very similar to how some people develop road rage. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, Those that drive frequently, especially in high traffic areas, can understand the reasons behind road just gets to you after awhile. Buy Phentermine without a prescription, It is the same with high use of the internet in China.

One of the main reasons for the frustration despite the ability to bypass the blocks is the delay incurred to do so. Sometimes I feel like I am back in the mid to late 90s waiting for simple text sites to load. The delay is felt even more dramatically when trying to visit photo and video websites, Phentermine from canadian pharmacy. I use the internet A LOT and these delays here and there add up to big delays just waiting for things to load, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. I am pretty good about multi-tasking but, for example, Phentermine alternatives, when researching a topic and following string of links a lot of waiting is incurred as that activity quite different than perusing a bunch of news sources.

As I write this I get the feeling this is one of those 'you have to be here' to understand I will stop trying to detail the frustration any further, I will just leave it at: if you use the internet as much as I do, despite the tools, where can i buy Phentermine online, it sucks and can really put you in a bad moods at times.

The Bigger Picture

I personally think internet censorship is wrong, Phentermine from mexico, indeed I believe any kind of censorship is wrong (as I have written previously) and my internet experience in China is such that I know I do not want to settle down here despite all the great things and experiences I have had in Shanghai, Nanjing and Qingdao. However, there is a bigger picture here that needs to be addressed, order Phentermine online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, People are going to jail over the views they have expressed on the internet. The vast majority of Chinese that consume their news from Chinese sources know very little about how their media is censored because many expect the censorship and in doing so accept it as how it always was.

The billions being spent by the PRC to develop a system to monitor, track and ultimately control online media could be modified to accept streams of data coming from city-wide camera and microphone systems, so those speaking their mind on the street may one day come under the same scrutiny as the cyber-dissidents already jailed. Many may balk at this idea but web data is no different from other types of data (ie: audio and video signals) that have been properly prepared.

I have stated many times before, here and in other places, that I believe there is an information war being waged all around us. There are those that fight for information freedom and those that seek to actively suppress, deny or subvert it, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription.

The old adage, "information is power," is not any less true because of how cliche it sounds. Information truly is power. So those that seek to censor the internet are merely trying to stop people from empowering themselves, which is a sorry evil thing to do.

"For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." - JFK

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